What does a personal organizer do?

A personal organizer does a little bit of everything! They are part personal assistant, part cheerleader, part supervisor, and part sensible older sibling. They offer support and guidance from a non-biased, non-emotionally involved 3rd-party. This perspective helps them help YOU get rid of and gain control over your stuff.  They get down on their hands and knees with you to sift and sort through any and everything bogging you down, be it stacks of paper or piles of clothes.

Why hire a professional organizer?

Whether you call it “entropy” in the natural world, or “clutter” in your house – face it – disorder happens! How you respond to the disorder is what can make a world of difference. Working with a professional organizer allows you to cross off things from your “to-do” list that keep slipping to the bottom.

Perhaps most importantly, working with a professional organizer lifts a weight off of your shoulders. It provides a tangible result, and allows you to take stock of what you have. Many people say, “I completely forgot that I had that!” or “That’s where that went!” Many clients even end up saving money because they use up what they already have before going out to buy more of something.

Who hires a professional organizer?

People from all backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles work with organizers once, occasionally, or regularly. Read through the list below…do any sound like you?

  • You’re usually organized, but things have gotten out of hand recently and you need some help getting things back on track…
  • You have no system at all, and continually struggle to keep track of appointments, mail, birthdays, and your keys….
  • You woke up one morning and realized you’ve lived in your house for twenty years, and haven’t cleaned out your cupboards since moving in…
  • Your kids have grown up and flown the coop and you no longer need the stuffed animals in the attic or Legos in the basement…
  • You parents are moving to an assisted living facility and they need help downsizing, but not from you…

All of these situations are ideal to make a call. In fact, all of them came from real clients in southern Maine!

How does organizing work? 

Each job is different, but the process is similar…it starts with a conversation!

I do an initial assessment to determine how exactly I can help, which usually involves a tour of the space(s), or system(s) that you are currently using and an informal “interview” about the goals you have. After discussing what you hope to gain from hiring an organizer and agreeing on a time frame and budget that will work for you, we book some time together. I work side by side with some clients, and independently for others. Before doing any work, I require some guidance about the end goal of the project.

Organizing itself involves a lot of sorting and moving. Often, things look worse before they look better! Throughout each project, I help you to make conscious decisions about what to keep, give away, recycle, shred, or throw out.

Some clients need help once, for a specific or immediate project. Others like to make regular appointments – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly – to chip away at a large project, such as an attic, over time. Regardless of the type of client or project, I always leave your home with all loose ends taken care of.

When are you available?

When I started this business, I envisioned it as a full-time job. Today I am part of the 9-5 working world and offer my organizational services on a part-time basis only. While this means I’m less-suited to take on a month-long downsizing or clutter-busting project, I am still available on weeknights, weekends, and occasional day-time hours, by appointment. This works well for others with similar schedules and for smaller projects that can be tackled a bit at a time. Many of my clients contact me biannually or quarterly to help them stay on track.

How do you charge? What do you costs cover?

Projects are charged by the hour, which covers my time, as well as transportation to and from your home and to donate any unwanted household items to charities. I am able to give an estimate of how long the project will take after meeting you, seeing the space, and learning more about your goals for the outcome.

Do you have references? 

Yes. Please get in touch if you would like to speak with a former or current client.

What’s the first step?

If you are interested in moving forward, get in touch via phone at 207.272.2168 or email emily@thesageorganizer.com.